Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Drum On Huffington

Perhaps it's a given that conservatives aren't going to be blown away by the Huffington Post, given its pretty heavy liberal slant. One of my favorite liberal bloggers, Kevin Drum, isn't exactly blown away either, though, and many of his complaints I can only echo. The biggest problem, and one that many commentators have noted, is that there are too many voices (and far too many of those voices don't have any clue as to what a blog is - it's not a giant linklist to op-eds. If that's what you want, you can't get any better than Real Clear Politics, in my opinion).

For most of us, I suspect, the beauty of blogs for both the blogger and the reader is watching someone discover 'their voice'. For example, read the initial entries on almost any blog (this one included), and the awkwardness is painful to behold. It takes a few weeks before you really decide on your tone, your style, etc. So am I being unfair? After all, The Huff-and-Puff bunch haven't really had a chance to discover their voices, right?

Well, yeah, maybe...but who's got time to figure out five dozen individual voices at one website? It's really, really hard to see this thing succeeding...but time will tell.

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