Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Quick Shots: Defending Chrenkoff

JoJo has some followup on Media Watch's attempt to discredit our good friend Arthur Chrenkoff...

Trey Jackson has an excellent site that provides video of current events; I'm a frequent visitor. Trey's been getting a lot of hits, and that's good; but video is a killer in terms of bandwidth, and it's become a very expensive proposition for him. I think his contribution is valuable, and I want him to stick around. So a challenge to you...donate, if nothing else, $1. $1 to keep up a great site. Of course, if you can do more, do it...I'll start things out; as soon as I post this I'm going to Trey's place and sending him $5...come on now, $1, you can do it! Alright, enough...have a great day!

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