Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Checkin' In On Huff'N'Puff

It's funny how quickly the Huffington Post fades from the memory...I remember the good old days, when people actually cared...okay, there were no such days. Still, I thought I'd check in again. Here's what I found:

Our good friend Christopher Hitchens makes an appearance, but only to defend himself from a vicious smear spread by Sid Blumenthal's son Max (proving that knavery runs deep in the Blumenthal clan). Let's let Hitch tell it as only he can:
If I replied to all the slander that appears on blogs, I would have no job and no life. Regarding Max Blumenthal's clumsy innuendo, however, I make one lenient exception and one non-lenient one. I still feel an affectionate interest in a young scribe at whose bar-mitzvah I danced. And I still, always, sue anyone who accuses me of bigotry or Holocaust-denial. Young master Blumenthal can relax: his attempted association was too lax and too cowardly.
Loathsome former Weekly Jackass Tim Robbins shows up, too, you know, just to slam Bush around a little and promote his latest endeavor. Sayeth Robbins: 'Now is the time for American artists to tell truth to power'. Here's a truth, Tim: you're the kind of idiot that gives Hollywood a bad name...

And then there's...oh, hell, I can't do it...I just can't waste anymore time today on Arianna's vanity project...we'll check in later. Much, MUCH later...

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