Sunday, May 22, 2005

Run For Your Lives! It's The NASCAR Rednecks!

For the record, count me among those who just absolutely do not enjoy auto racing. That doesn't mean I don't understand its appeal to others. In fact, given the choice of attending a NASCAR race, or a ballet or dance performance, I'll be out at the track in a jiffy. The editors of the New York Times, though, have never met a red-stater they couldn't condescend to. The Instapundit links to a review that drips with contempt for the racing hordes. The author, of course, carefully suggests these feelings belong to nameless others, but who's falling for that? Consider:
To these people, stock-car racing represents all that's unsavory about red-state America: fossil-fuel bingeing; lust for violence; racial segregation; run-away Republicanism; anti-intellectualism (how much brain matter is required to go fast and turn left, ad infinitum?); the corn-pone memes of God and guns and guts; crass corporatization; Toby Keith anthems; and, of course, exquisitely bad fashion sense.
Excuse me a minute, folks...Brandeen, puts another possum on the grill, they's gonna be company I was saying...wait, is that Lee Greenwood? Hot damn, turn it up...this kind of stereotyping...there's a lunch special at Luby's? Shucks, what are we waiting for? I reckon we best gets going...I'll get back to you later...

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