Friday, June 17, 2005

Hillary Wins First Straw Poll of the Season

Reader G. K. sends along this article on a straw poll conducted in Richland County, South Carolina, described as 'sparsely attended'. Ryan James was on the story earlier today. The winner was a surprise (?), with Hillary leading South Carolina native son John Edwards 44-34, thus shrugging off the latest attempt by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to derail Senator Clinton's nascent campaign.

I'm gonna share a personal memory with you after this quote:
[Bob Kunst, of] came here [Columbia, S.C.] from the Bonneroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tenn., attended by some 90,000 people. There, he promoted Clinton with flyers, buttons and bumper stickers.
Alright, here's the story: Last July, I attended the first day of the semi-regular Willie Nelson's Picnic at Two River Canyon Ampitheater just outside of Austin, largely drawn by a rare Austin appearance by the now Jerry Garcia-less Grateful Dead, or as they're known now, just the Dead (yes, there are conservative Deadheads - I'm living proof!).

Well, it was great - tie-dye everywhere, groovy vibe, unseasonably cool weather, a three-hour plus set from the Dead, Merle Haggard, Willie, and many, many cervezas (that's beer for you gringos). At some point in the day, Dennis Kucinich came out on stage to say a few words (a very few), causing something quite less than a stir.

We stayed to the bloody end, well after one a.m., as Toby Keith and Willie played a medley to end the festivities, and I was completely wiped out from booze and way too much heat and time on my feet. As I straggled to the car, I saw a lone figure to my side, tie askew, looking quite out of place and out of sorts. He was holding a campaign poster. It was Dennis Kucinich. No one knew, no one cared, and no one stopped to talk to him. True story...and a complete snapshot of one pathetic campaign.

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