Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Left Begins to Self-Destruct (Again)

By the very hour, the 'progressive' attack on Gitmo is reaching further heights of absurdity...we now have 'Kos' himself comparing 'torture' under U.S. troops to torture under Saddam in defense of Dick Durbin (and pissing plenty of people off in the bargain).

Now, I know that Markos perhaps is guilty of poor wording here; he may have meant to imply that if torture is bad when practiced by Saddam, it is just as bad when practiced by us - sorry, it's still a non-starter. As uncomfortable as it makes us, we must learn, apparently, the difference between stress techniques and 'torture'. If you look under the fold of Rusty's piece (and it's quite graphic; you've been warned), you will see torture as practiced by Saddam Hussein. Dick Durbin and the Kos can mouth off all they want; this sort of thing is not going on at Gitmo, and everyone knows it.

There are those who would say even stress techniques are out; fine, let them make that argument. The assault on Gitmo, however, is losing all perspective and is quite out of control. This is the perfect example of why the Democratic Party, if it ever wants to win another national election, must jettison the 'Progressive' wing - quite simply, responsible debate is impossible with the lot of them.

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