Sunday, June 12, 2005

Power Line On Al Franken, Senator?

Scott Johnson at Power Line has an excellent, lengthy piece about Al Franken's warm-up gig, so to speak, in front of a Minneapolis audience at a fundraiser. Franken is apparently widely expected to throw his hat in the political ring (but Al, Air America is doing so well!). Scott's piece is not a smear job, though; he's quite fair in his assessment, and hey, any guy who tears up in public talking about his late father can't be all bad.

In fact, I don't despise Al Franken; I hate his politics, sure, but he can be genuinely funny at times (more so in print then elsewhere...his books are spotty, but frequently hilarious). Lord, is he ever liberal, though! Of course, that's not a crime...neither is it sufficient to justify a political career. Entertainers have made great politicians before, though (two Republican actors come to mind). As you can see, I'm kind of ambivalent on this one...let's wait and see if Franken understands the difference between talking to potential voters, and talking to an all-liberal talk show audience.

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