Thursday, June 16, 2005

Introducing the Raging RINOs

Coalition of the Chillin' Cartographer The Commissar has branched off and formed a new organization that may be of special interest to some members of the Coalition. The Raging RINOs (or Republican Individuals Not Overdosed - on the party Kool-Aid) was formed to answer these burning questions:
How can Conservative bloggers who might not want to drink the Party Kool-Aid on every single issue (ESCR, Schiavo, small government, fiscal responsibility, senatorial compromises, free markets/trade, just to name a few) find each other? Maybe you're just concerned about rhetorical excesses by "our side." Neo-libertarians and 'little l' libertarians welcome too.
I was quite pleased to be invited and of course I accepted. You can find the Community Page here...excellent work, Comrade!

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