Thursday, June 16, 2005

Holy Guacamole, It's Hot!

I don't know about where you guys are at, but this summer is already a scorcher in Austin - near 100 every day in every direction...jeez, it's hot!

While I cool down, here's something to tide you over, care of Viking Pundit. The Wall Street Journal delivers a drubbing to the Dean-led Democrats, concluding that, with the exception of Joe Lieberman (and, of course, you know how well-liked he is by the progressives), there is no center. More rightwing propaganda? Consider:

  • With the notable exception of Joe Lieberman, there are virtually no Scoop Jackson defense hawks remaining in a party that has made Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo its main policy touchstones for the war on terror.
  • The party that voted en masse for income and capital gains tax cuts under JFK now has but one message on taxes: Raise them.
  • On trade, the Democrats who delivered 102 House votes for Nafta and Bill Clinton in 1994 will, at last count, provide all of five House votes for the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
  • The Clinton Democrats helped enact the most momentous social policy legislation of the past generation: welfare reform. Now Democrats conspire every day to gut work-for-welfare requirements and prevent the renewal of welfare reform by Congress.
  • Above all, there's the know-nothing-ism on Social Security. The Democrats in unison proclaim that Mr. Bush is advancing a risky right-wing scheme to destroy Social Security by creating private investment accounts for workers.
As they say in the big leagues, read it all...

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