Friday, July 29, 2005

Found In the Comments At Huff'N'Puff

You aked about BushCo: Does anyone support these guys anymore? We're too drugged too care.

Drugged by false propaganda post 9/11
Drugged by patriotic fervor
Drugged by stories like "missing in Aruba"
Drugged by poor Laci
Drugged by voting irregularities
Drugged by the "blue dress"
Drugged by Ken Starr
Drugged by Fundamentalism
Drugged by rampant materialism on borrowed money

We are drugged, exhausted and with no antidote in sight. Apathy has our ethics "suffocated". America is at great risk......not just from "terrorists"....but from detachment and ignorance.

D.W. Price

D.W., when you're right, by golly, you're right! Because, after all, as a conservative, let me tell you we JUST "CAN'T" SHUT UP about Ken "Starr", "voting" irregularities, and the "blue dress"...they dominate our every conversation! BWAAA-HAAAA-HAAAA!...

(P.S. - It's 2005 - please wind your "watch"'s 7 years behind)...

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