Sunday, July 24, 2005

When The Finger Points At You, Blame the Victim

Writing (where else?) in the Guardian, Osama Saeed, spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain, declines to take any responsibility for what has happened in London, nor will he specifically condemn Islam's role. Why? Because to do so would be to admit culpability, when we all know that there is no such thing as radical Islamic terrorism. What other conclusion can be drawn from this:
...I've found it strange that many Muslim leaders have offered to look deep within our community now. It's a tacit admission of negligence that I simply do not accept. The prime minister [sic] has of course welcomed this attitude. Indeed he has led from the front, ratcheting up the rhetoric against Muslims, laying the responsibility solely on us. "In the end, this can only be taken on and defeated by the community itself," he said last week.

Mr Blair has attacked the idea of the caliphate - the equivalent of criticising the Pope. He has also remained silent in the face of a rightwing smear campaign against such eminent scholars as Sheikh al-Qaradawi - a man who has worked hard to reconcile Islam with modern democracy. Such actions and omissions fuel the suspicion that we are witnessing a war on Islam itself. If there is any thought that Muslims are fine but their religion can take a hike then Mr Blair should know that we will never be in the corner, in the spotlight, losing our religion.

By putting the onus on Muslims to defeat terror, the prime minister [sic] absolves himself of responsibility.
The Prime Minister? He's responsible? But of course:
It is not Muslims but Mr Blair who is in denial. He was advised that the war in Iraq would put us in more danger, not less. Silvio Berlusconi has admitted Italy is in danger because of his alliance with Bush; Mr Blair should do the same.
And the circle comes round again...but a question, if I may, Mr. Saeed: where was the Muslim concern for the citizens of Iraq when they lived under the brutal thumb of Mr. Hussein? Can you point me to a condemnation of the Butcher of Baghdad? Show me, Mr. Saeed, if you will, where and when your organization condemned the actions of Osama bin Laden...and Mr. Saeed, how do you feel about the murders of Israeli civilians by Palestinian suicide bombers? Surely, this peaceful religion of yours must teach against the murder of these innocents...

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