Monday, July 25, 2005

Sincere Best Wishes to An Old Antagonist

People who are really into politics can get quite nasty at times; I'm certainly not above the occasional snarkiness, and of course, there's the Weekly Jackass series. Still, I'd like to think that I keep in mind that behind that person whose views I may find totally nauseating is a human being of flesh and blood.

So it is that I, and I'm sure all of my readers, express my sincere condolences to Maureen Dowd upon the death of her mother at the age of 97. Dowd has written a quite touching and heartfelt tribute that I recommend you read. Although remarks on a recently deceased parent shouldn't be viewed as an opportunity for literary criticism, I must state once again how much more Dowd's talent shines through when she avoids the swamps of politics.

If Dowd chooses to return to her column, we'll be there, taking on her wrongheaded views on 'Rummy' and 'Dubya' and all the rest...but that's for another day and another occasion.

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