Saturday, July 30, 2005

From the Mosque to the Prison

Theodore Dalrymple, a retired prison doctor, writes in the London Times on the lure of radical Islam to the convict. Interestingly, in London, the majority of radical Islamic prisoners are Pakistani. I say interestingly because in the U.S. there is a long history of prison proselytizing to the black community in prisons. To my knowledge, though their rhetorical excesses against the Jews are widely known, the black-dominated Islamic groups such as the Nation of Islam have not proven to be fertile ground for the suicide bomber brand of radical Islam. I've yet to see that angle fully explored. If any of my vastly intelligent readers knows of such a piece, or comes across one in the future, I would greatly appreciate being informed...otherwise, I might be forced to try to put a piece together myself, and we know how ugly that might be...

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