Friday, July 29, 2005

Is Islam a Terror Organization?

Michael Graham has been suspended from WMAL for calling Islam a terror organization, under pressure from CAIR; AJStrata is trying to put together a blogroll of his supporters, so please check it out, and read AJ's post, too. AJ's one of the favorites around these parts, and he lays out a good justification for his position, but I can't sign on to this one; I think the statement is too broad and too intentionally inflammatory. I do think moderate Muslims have a duty to condemn the Islamic extremists and marginalize them, and I've stated it repeatedly.

There have been some encouraging steps in that direction; it's not enough, but all journeys start with a single step. I've seen and heard the criticisms of the American Muslim fatwa against terrorism, and it's left me unconvinced: despite the horrendous words and deeds in the past of some of the signatories, the statement itself is completely unambigious and is exactly the sort of thing that needs to be encouraged rather than cynically disparaged. Once again, though, I encourage you to visit AJ for an alternative view that you may find equally or more persuasive...

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