Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kossacks on HRC: We Like Losing!

Hilariously, as Hillary Clinton tries to make a (real or perceived) shift to the center, the Kossacks are crying foul. Dan Balz of the Washington Post has a story on the far, far left Daily Kos supporters who are apparently afraid that Hillary might actually win a national election for the Democrats. The Kossacks, of course, have always spoken disparagingly of the DLC, and why not? After all, what did the DLC ever do for the Democrats...other than give them their only two-term president in the last 50 years (and the only Democrat, period, to hold the Presidency since Jimmy Carter)?

Commenting on the kerfuffle, Mickey Kaus gets off the line of the year, and though my jealousy overwhelms me, I'm quoting him anway:
Kos is one of the few people on the planet with a personality so unappealing he allows Hillary to seem warm and enchanting! the whole thing here...

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