Saturday, July 30, 2005

Michael Moore Has HMOs Terrified: In Other News, Airline Pilots Forced to Dodge Flying Pigs

Pompous blowhard and faux populist millionaire Michael Moore is set to do to HMOs what he did to the Bush administration: i.e., nothing. It's a sign of the ego on the relentless publicity hound that he actually thinks the multi-billion dollar health industry is nervous about his upcoming documentary 'Sicko':
Michael Moore says his next documentary already has HMOs quaking in their boots. Moore has not yet begun shooting the film, "Sicko," but his planned critique of the nation's health care system, he says, is making "freaked-out" HMOs warn employees what to do if approached by the filmmaker. "At this point we haven't shot anything yet and they're totally discombobulated," Moore said at the inaugural Traverse City Film Festival.
On Wall Street, stocks of health-care companies have plunged in anticipation of the filmmaker's sharp expose - what's that? No stocks have plunged? Well, they've dipped slightly, surely? Failed to rise quite as quickly, maybe? No?

Hmmm...well, I'm sure the word just hasn't gotten out yet...meanwhile, Hillary Clinton supporters are reportedly offering the plump perpetrator of puerile pomposity $10 million in cash if he will move to Argentina and avoid making public appearances between now and the 2008 elections...

UPDATE 07/31/05 9:46 a.m. central: Many thanks to the lovely and charming Pamela for the link...

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