Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another Lunatic in Academia

This is just plain disturbing...I urge you to follow the links. Charles at Little Green Footballs has thrown a spotlight on Jane T. Christensen, and it's amazing what he found.

I decided to do some pajama-wearing Google searching to see if I could find more on this Jane T. Christensen.

Here's an excerpt from an editorial and letter at Al-Jazeerah, and yes, it's her (just read the whole page):

From: Jane T. Christensen (2/21/03)

Subject: The murder of Feras Al-Mabrouki

I have just read with shock and dismay Anne Gwynne's piece about the murder of Feras al-Mabrouki. I have read Anne's accounts for months in Counterpunch and had come to know Feras Al-Bakri as the charming, kind, patient, and brave ambulance driver. And now (I thought) he is dead, for his selfless efforts shot by these murdering swine! I know no words. I want to stand and scream. I want to hurt back. I want revenge! How can a whole people go on! What is there to live for! What can a single person do here in the U.S.?

NOTE: Counterpunch is the notorious fringe leftwing journal; I'm sure the reader can infer who the 'murdering swine' are.

If someone who knows German wants to take a crack at it, this site mentions the same Jane T. Christensen, and here's Google's translation...

Her course is also prominently featured on this fringe website, and (warning: graphic war image) a more detailed listing of the course topics is found here.

I'm appalled; check it out, I think you'll agree...

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