Saturday, April 02, 2005

Must-Reads, Predictions, An Explanation, and An Observation

My apologies for no postings earlier today...we all must take a break from blogging for our real lives, of course, but I prefer my breaks to be announced...this one was quite unintentional. My Internet connection was down - but I have now fixed it.

Obviously, the big news is the death of the Pope - but I said all I intended to say on that subject, for now, already. The other big news, on a much smaller, much less significant scale, is the fact that the Final Four tips off in about an hour and change. For those who missed my predictions, I say both games end in upsets, with Michigan State and Louisville heading to the Championship Game. I had thought about liveblogging the Final Four, but I picked up some fried chicken earlier that must have been bad - I am feeling very shaky at the moment, so there goes that idea, just don't feel up to it.

So, since I am so tardy in posting, and have forgone my liveblogging, here is a peace offering of sorts, two very interesting articles I highly recommend. One is from the ever-resourceful Claudia Rosett, entitled, appropriately enough, "'Hell, No', He's Not Exonerated". The other is another great roundup on the Sandy Berger affair by Lorie Byrd at PoliPundit.

Enjoy your Saturday, and R.I.P., John Paul II...

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