Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bonus Must-Read: Has The Schiavo Controversy Hurt The Right?

Dick Morris makes the case in The Hill that it has, by polarizing the moderates in a way that abortion does not. Morris sees a backlash that will kill Jeb Bush's career, but leave George W. Bush largely unfazed. I think a couple of his premises are wrong: one, that Jeb ever belonged in the ranks of 'Hillary Slayer' (figuratively speaking, of course); and two, that the backlash will have any lasting consequences.

Short-term, though, I think it has hurt the right politically; only time will tell how lasting the damage is. Yes, I realize that for many, if not most, the issue transcends politics and crosses over into morality - however, this is a political blog, and that's my honest opinion. When all is said and done, as I've indicated before, this is a highly personal matter and my sympathies lie with those most directly affected...the rest of us, I think, need a cooling off period; then perhaps we can consider the important issues raised in a less personal light.

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