Monday, March 28, 2005

The Best Basketball Weekend Ever?

An entertaining piece in Slate by Robert Weintraub says it was...that may be a little too much (can anything ever top Laettner's turnaround jumper?), but it was definitely in the top ten. Weintraub points out how much bad coaching there was from some big-time coaches...of course, that assumes the players run the play that was called. Perhaps some of it was just poor execution.

I agree completely, though, and remarked on it at the time, that Kentucky just completely blew it at the end of the first overtime. Weintraub has some harsh words about my Red Raiders, too, saying they suffered a meltdown at the end of their Sweet Sixteen game. I didn't see it as a meltdown; I thought they were just flat. Here's hoping the Final Four lives up to the games we just saw (but then again, how could it?).

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