Thursday, March 31, 2005

That MoDo Mojo: Drop Woody Allen's Name, Win a Prize

The new Dowd column is up; in typical fashion, it is largely inscrutable. Dowd very tenously ties in Woody Allen's new movie, half farce, half drama, to describe the report on the Iraq intelligence failures. Dowd's main point is that she finds it laughable that the report scorches the CIA, when, in her view, the CIA was only doing the bidding of the White House. Maureen, I have a great idea for a follow-up: explain to us how that differs from the Volcker Report(s). Bet you can't...

Dowd ends with the following:

There are, after all, more than 1,500 dead American soldiers, Al Qaeda terrorists on the loose and real nuclear-bomb programs in Iran and North Korea that we know nothing about. No laughs there.

Nope, that's not funny; neither is the fact that there is now a liberated Iraq moving towards democracy, a Lebanon on the verge of throwing off Syrian domination, and a revived peace process for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Sure is easy to demagogue when you only look at one side of the ledger, eh, Maureen?

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