Thursday, May 05, 2005

Am I Suffering From a Persecution Complex?

George Will takes many Republicans to task (hat tip to the Instapundit) for overplaying the 'victim' angle over supposed persecution of people of faith. No doubt if he reads this blog, and I'm quite sure he doesn't, he would include me in that crowd. Let me just say two things to my readers: (1) I don't think Christians are being 'persecuted', in the classic sense, and (2) I'm perfectly willing to drop all the religion talk entirely (for now) if the New York Times editorial board will just quit already on the theocracy columns. I'm finding the whole thing a bit tedious, and I wholeheartedly agree with David Brooks, as discussed earlier: there's a secular voice in America, and a religious voice...both are legitimate, and both are appropriate to different circumstances. I wish I could say that is that...MoDo? Frank Rich? Can we get over this thing already?...

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