Friday, May 06, 2005

How Does A Teenager Become the Chair of a Non-Profit?

That's the question I have after reading the comments of Amnesty International Board Chairman Chip Pitts at a recent Austin appearance:
AIUSA Board Chair Chip Pitts made it known that AI is more relevant that ever. Saying human rights were "bleaker than they've ever been in my lifetime," Pitts marveled at the Bush administration putting torture back on the table.
If this is true, then Pitts is an incredibly young man; otherwise, I would be forced to conclude that Pitts believes the human rights situation now is worse than during the times of (in increasing order of likelihood considering his probable age):
  • Joseph Stalin's 20,000,000 + murder spree;
  • Adoph Hitler's reign of terror and the Holocaust;
  • Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution;
  • Saddam Hussein's Iraq; and
  • the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Reminds me a a chicken named Little, somehow...

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