Saturday, May 07, 2005

That MoDo MoJo: No Retreat, Baby, No Surrender

If, like me, you harbor hopes that we could get over this endless debate over religion in politics being played out in the NY Times editorial pages, you'll be disappointed to know Maureen Dowd is determined to endlessly run variations on that same theme. The latest: a warning that...
...a spine-tingling he-monster with the power to drag us back into the pre-Darwinian dark ages is slouching around Washington. It's a fire-breathing creature with the head of W., the body of Bill Frist and the serpent tail of Tom DeLay.
My God, but that's simply awful - please, Maureen, you're embarrassing yourself. It is our Islamic extremist enemies, not the Republicans, who are fighting for a return to the Dark Ages...unless you consider a democratic Middle East 'pre-Darwinian'.

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