Monday, May 02, 2005

Scott Ritter, Defying Laws of Physics, Travels Back 40 Years in Time

From that bastion of fair and balanced reporting, Aljazeera, comes former UN Weapons Inspector turned full-time Bush critic Scott Ritter with a blindingly brilliant analysis of the situation in Iraq: it's Vietnam. Says Ritter:
In the months that have passed since Iraq's much-hyped democratic elections, one word keeps creeping into my mind as I assess the tragic events unfolding in Mesopotamia today: Vietnam.

You know, when I reflect on the much-hyped career of one Scott Ritter, one word keeps creeping into my mind: lunatic.

The American press and punditry, intimidated and compensated into slavishly reporting on Iraq solely along lines that will not overly alienate them from the powers that be inside the administration of George W Bush, have long ago foregone drawing comparisons between the ongoing conflict in Iraq and the one America lost in Southeast Asia some three decades in the past.

That's the American press in a nutshell, isn't it? Never wanting the alienate the all-powerful chimp Bush, the press has kept Americans in the dark about insurgent attacks, judicial gridlock, and faltering efforts at Social Security reform. You fools - don't you know you're being played like a fiddle by the imperialist stormtroopers?

The lack of a basis for direct comparison makes accomplishing the denigration of any such correlation between conflicts all-too-easy for the uninformed consumer of what passes for "news" in America today: the terrain is different, the scale of violence is different, the Cold War is over, and, of course, everything changed after 9/11.

Folks, you've just read the single most meaningless sentence ever put down on paper. 'The lack of a basis for direct comparison', everything is different - why, goodness, Scott, if one didn't know better, one might think you were throwing away your whole argument!
If there's a bigger hack than Scott Ritter around...oh, wait, I forgot about Maureen Dowd...well, if there's a second bigger hack than Scott Ritter around...ahh, what's the use? Who can argue against a mind like that?

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