Monday, May 02, 2005

Bob Herbert - American Troops On Violent Rampage

That seems to be the message, at least, in his latest column (hat tip to J. McIntyre of RealClearPolitics). Herbert spends the bulk of the column repeating the allegations of a conscientious objector (that "gratuitous routinely inflicted by American soldiers on ordinary Iraqis"), but to what end? Some of the allegations ring true, others do not; I have no problem believing that something went terribly wrong at Abu Ghraib; after all, we've all seen the pictures. I have a very hard time believing U.S. soldiers are abusing civilians, especially children. Herbert needs to understand that allegations of widespread abuse should not be thrown around lightly without further proof than one man, who is admittedly against the war, and his assertions.

Curiously, Herbert makes the damaging accusations, then cuts and runs. Is he merely enlightening us? Does he maintain that the military units in Iraq are in need of better discipline? Or does he think these unsubstantiated allegations damage the honor of the U.S. military to the point that we should bring everyone home and convert our military bases into vegan restaurants? You'll find no answers in his columns, only slanders without corrobaration...

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