Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Howard Dean Sounds Off (Again!)

Some choice quotes from the DNC Chairman (hat tip to kausfiles):
[The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal] had an adverse effect on people who write for a living. It rewarded journalists for titillating gossip stories. People got promoted and investigative reporting went out the window because the big story was about sex and salaciousness and misbehavior, not about substantial things...

I guess Howard doesn't have a problem with Presidents who lie to grand juries in civil proceedings...
The values of America are much closer to the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. The Bible talks about Jesus reaching out to people who are different than He was, reaching out to sinners, reaching out to everybody and including everybody. I don't see those values in the Republican Party.

We have to acknowledge people's fears. It's not just about gay rights and abortion. It's fear of what happens to their families. What they need is a signal from the Democratic Party that we're going to make it easier for them to raise their kids. The mistake is to think we're going to talk people out of their fears. These are not logical fears. Most kids will turn out fine, even in this era of bad stuff on television and things like that. You cannot sit down and logically explain to people why they have their fears.

So, Howard, if you can't use logic, you're recommending...snake oil? You'll have to explain it slowly, I'm a conservative, so logic isn't my strong suit...
Those 'chicken littles' who think the sky is falling on the Republican Party need to keep in mind the quite substantial Dean factor...this man can't avoid controversy because, at heart, he truly hates Republicans.

What about you, you hypocrite, you might say...Do I hate Democrats? Nope, just 'progressives'...but hate is such a strong word...let's just say I dislike most of their policies intensely - it's not a personal thing. It's precisely the 'personification' factor of progressive hatred, never more evident than in the venom routinely slung at our president, that will doom the Democrats unless they distance themselves from it...and Dean is the disease, not the cure.

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