Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Krugman: No Conservatives In Academia? It's Because They Believe In God

That's the message in the latest screed from the world's most annoying economist. Once again, a Times editorialist trots out the tired accusation that the Republican party is composed of theocrats just because it's not hostile to people of faith. Then he tells us Republicans don't feel comfortable in academia because we're superstitious folk who don't mix well with science (tell that to Einstein or Godel, 'Kruggie', believers both).

Nowhere in Krugman's piece will you find mention of the witchhunts undertaken by radical professors against academics who dare to question the dominant leftist paradigms, or the comfort given to Ward Churchill, as opposed to Lawrence Summers (hardly a conservative's poster boy). It's a shame 'the paper of record' has an editorial page more suited for toilet paper most days...

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