Sunday, April 03, 2005

That MoDo Mojo: Whaaa???

Stunned; I am literally stunned. The newest Maureen Dowd column is up, and - I'm not kidding folks, Dave Barry couldn't make this up - it's called 'Curveball the Goofball'. Let's repeat that slowly together - 'Curveball the Goofball'. I can't figure out whether Dowd has succumbed to dementia, or if it's me.

I'd tell you what the column is about, but I have no idea. Oh, I read it, but it follows few of the rules of the language I know as 'English'. There's something about fishing, and of course, 'Rummy' and 'W.', and Ahmad Chalabi makes an appearance, and the CIA, and then...Curveball. (That's Curveball, the Goofball)., the over in a slump)....

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