Saturday, April 09, 2005

In Defense of Power Line

Power Line has a new look, and the Titanic Three have apparently dropped the nicknames, but it's the same great content as always. People have been having a field day with their mistaken assumption that the Schiavo memo was a Democratic trick (see this truly idiotic post by paid Dean shill Markos 'Kos' Zuniga, but be forewarned, it's full of childish profanity - and remember, folks, this is the most popular liberal blog by a LOOOONG shot).

The fact is, as they state here, this isn't Rathergate or Eason Jordan revisited...Power Line has admitted the mistake, as have, to my knowledge, all bloggers who thought the same (including myself). Incredibly, there are still those who maintain the 60 Minutes II memos were genuine, and it was precisely CBS and Rather's baffling decision to hang on to the story despite its quite obvious phoniness that did them in. None of that pertains here...

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