Friday, June 24, 2005

The MinuteMan Uncovers Another Fool in My Own Backyard

The University of Texas is a fine institution, and the home of a truly impressive faculty, including one frequent visitor who seldom agrees with me, but is always interesting. Alas, like all institutions, it has its morons, as well. The MinuteMan (who also disagrees with me on Rove) has the scoop on law professor Brian Leiter, who has decided to 'out' a law professor who wishes to blog anonymously. The MinuteMan notes:
I had thought the blogosphere operated on a (sometimes disturbingly small) level of trust and mutual respect. For example, it is very easy to leave spoof comments under someone else's name, or to send faux e-mails, but very few people do it.
My opinion: take a big grow-up pill, Professor...

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