Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Quick Shots: What Does Paul Krugman Have In Common With Convicted Felons?

They all vote Democratic...okay, that's an unfair comparison, and a stereotype, but tell me what's fair about these two stories?

First up, Ryan James alerts me to some distortions and misdirected accusations that are brazen even by Paul Krugman's exceedingly low standards. I urge you to read the details here...

Next up is Blue State Republican, with a truly outrageous political play in Iowa, where Governor Tom Vilsak has issued a blanket order restoring voting rights to all Iowa felons who have served their sentences. This decree from above wouldn't have a chance of passing a legislature or citizen vote, so Vilsak took matters into his own hands in a naked power grab. Here's David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register:
...let's forget all this high-minded talk about people having paid their debts to society, rehabilitation and humanity. This is all about winning elections.

If all those other things were so important, why did Vilsack wait almost seven years as governor before he acted? If he were all that concerned about integrating criminals back into society, he would have taken action earlier in his term - not when he doesn't have to face voters for re-election.

And he wouldn't have dropped his little political bomb on a Friday afternoon, traditionally a time when politicians unload controversial stories in the hope they'll get downplayed in the weekend news void.
Yes, indeed, something's rotten in the State of Iowa, with all apologies to the Bard...

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