Thursday, March 24, 2005

In Lebanon, The Death Throes of Syrian Domination

Like a cornered animal thrashing indiscriminately about, the pro-Syrian forces in Lebanon are growing increasingly desperate. They must not prevail.

From Lebanon's Daily Star:

Leading opposition MP Walid Jumblatt said the security services were guilty of organizing a "theater of blood" and reiterated his demand that the top security chiefs resign.

Opposition member Simon Karam added: "The Lebanese-Syrian security network is targeting Christian regions in order to provoke Islamic-Christian tension, which will not happen."

French President Jacques Chirac, one of Syria's most vocal international critics, said he was "beside himself with anger" at the bombing.

Chirac said: "I hope that those who are banking on stirring strife in Lebanon and are trying to show that anarchy and bombings would return to Lebanon without Syrian intervention, I hope those who are playing this trivial game can be swiftly exposed and brought to justice."

It's imperative that the 'Arab Spring' retain its momentum, and it's abundantly clear that the current Syrian leadership is an obstacle that must be overcome, by any means necessary.

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