Thursday, March 24, 2005

MoDo Strikes Again

Holy cow, Maureen Dowd is one helluva thinker, isn't she? In her latest trainwreck of a column, MoDo displays all that famous brainpower in proposing the following equation:

Concern about Terry Schiavo = Theocracy

Bet you missed that subtlety, eh? Good thing we have Maureen around. Frankly, the whole spectacle has become a little unsettling...but no less unsettling is the Left's reflexive reaction: oh, it's just those red-state hick Jesus lovers again! One has to wonder at some point: does Maureen Dowd know what a theocracy (or fascism, or...fill in the blank...) really means? A President (or a political party) that isn't shy about talking and acting on faith is not equivalent to the establishment of a state religion or the imposition of religious law from above. Broad generalizations of this sort are a sure sign of someone who's in over her head...Maureen, if you're gonna get in the deep end of the pool, be sure to wear your floaties! Pathetic...

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