Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today's Must Read: Can Cheney Make a Run?

Tod Lindberg in the Washington Times floats the possibility of a Cheney 2008 bid orchestrated by George Bush as a grand sendoff for Cheney's loyalty and service. Lindberg argues that nominating Cheney would be the next logical step in Bush's assertive steps to further his agenda past his two terms. He also dismisses Cheney's repeated assurances he's not interested.

I'm not convinced. Everything Lindberg says about Cheney can surely be said about Condi, who has the added benefits of being younger, healthier, and more popular (indeed, she borders on being a superstar these days). And what about Bush's habit of calling Condi 44? A joke, sure, but it must come from somewhere. This smells suspiciously like one of those trial balloons political operatives throw out to see how an idea will fly - and to paraphrase Keith Moon, this one will fly like a lead zeppelin.

Hat tip to JP at Americans For Freedom...

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