Saturday, March 26, 2005

Today's Must-Read: Revolution Is In The Air

It may be the case, twenty years from now, that 2005 will join 1989 and 1968 as one of those pivotal moments in history when the call of freedom proves too strong to ignore. In addition to the remarkable events in the Middle East, there has been a lot of activity in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Erick Erickson at Confessions of a Political Junkie has the scoop on the latest activity in Kyrgyzstan, where a pro-American group has installed an interim government after popular protests led to the collapse of the old regime.

Erickson's piece is a good reminder of, one, how irresistable a force freedom is in the long term, and, two, how fragile a thing it can be in the near term. These are exciting times, but few of these wonderful recent gains have been consolidated yet. It's becoming increasingly difficult to deny, though, that President Bush's rhetoric and actions are having a large, mostly beneficial effect on world events.

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