Monday, March 21, 2005

Somebody Help Me, Please!

I'm caught between two different people, both playing their radios without headphones, both playing music I can't stand, and this is starting to be a daily routine. I propose a new piece of emergency federal legislation...
The Coffey Emergency Productivity Act of 2005
(1) NO listening to the radio at work unless everyone in the immediate vicinity is on board.
(2) All nonproductive workers will be sealed off in soundproof rooms to chat on the phone at their heart's content.
(3) Under no circumstances, EVER, will two people in the same room be allowed to play different non-headphone music at the same time.

WHEW! I feel better now (I'm actually sitting here with earplugs in - earplugs, mind you, not headphones!).

While I gather what remains of my sanity, here's a little lighthearted midday reading for you. We should all wake up every morning and thank our lucky stars the MSM is here to look out for us...

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