Friday, April 29, 2005

The Big Lie, Continued: The Left Defends the Rich

I noted earlier how, all of a sudden, just because it's proposed by Bush, means testing has become an ugly concept to the Left after a lifelong love affair. Michelle Malkin has two posts, one focusing mostly on the MSM, the other on leftwing bloggers, showing the hypocrisy in action. One essential part of the Big Lie is relying on people's short attention span; Josh Marshall and company are not getting away with it this time, though.

UPDATE 03:12 p.m. central: After being challenged by Jacques Distler in the comments, I will admit that some Democrats have, in so many words, endorsed means testing, but always at great expense, due to the uproar from the AARP. What am I trying to say? Merely that 'a lifelong love affair' is perhaps not the best phrase to use in this context. Hey, blogging means sometimes having to say you're sorry.

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