Sunday, April 24, 2005

Kevin, Allah, and Ace: Your Services are Needed!

Gentlemen: it is my considered opinion, knowing full well the consequences entailed, that we must raise the Sullivan Freak-Out Advisory Level to Orange. The evidence may be found in today's Times Online column:
...Ratzinger�s election has sent shockwaves across America...When the news came through, my phone lit up with voices of panic, dread, fear and even sobs...In a culture where women have reached near parity in the world of work and family, the Pope has declared that women should pursue either motherhood or virginity...this theological ultra-conservatism has become fused with a political agenda in American politics...the man who must have been celebrating more than many others last Tuesday was Karl Rove [curse you, Karl Rove! Is there nothing you don't control?]...The culture wars in America are already aflame, his elevation as Benedict XVI amounts to a barrel-full of petrol on the fire. Those of us struggling to live as modern, open-minded Catholics can only hope the church isn�t burnt in the process.
I know this decision is not to be taken lightly...but in the event of a freak-out of massive proportions, I want my conscience to be clear.

UPDATE 2:35 pm central: The advisory level has been raised. Slublog gets the credit, but I don't mind that, this isn't a contest; the important thing is to keep everyone safe...Ace gives a timely reminder to just remain calm and keep going about your normal routine (for now)...

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