Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Party of Tolerance

Democratic Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado campaigned on a promise to support an up-or-down vote on Bush's judicial nominees. He broke his promise. James Dobson's Focus on the Family called him on it, and ran ads criticizing Salazar and other Democrats for their delaying tactics. In return, Salazar said, during a television interview, "From my point of view, they are the Antichrist of the world."

So, Chairman Dean, how's that plan to win back the religious vote going, anyhow?

UPDATE 04/28/05 10:07 a.m.: Welcome to all newcomers and thanks to Lorie at PoliPundit, Betsy Newmark, and the good Dr. Shackleford for the links...kick off your shoes and stay awhile, glad you're here...

UPDATE 2 10:42 a.m.: Don't miss this excellent follow-up post by WILLisms, including the ad that prompted Salazar's outburst, and some good background on the campaign promise...

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