Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kondracke On Religion: Highly Recommended

Mort Kondracke has written the best piece of commentary on the religious divide that I have read in quite some time. Kondracke chides the Democrats for their 'theocracy' hate-mongering, but also takes the Republicans to task for being overly zealous (which we sometimes are). Best of all, read the commentary by British writer Adrian Wooldridge near the bottom of the article:

Underlining the point, Economist correspondent Adrian Wooldridge said that, during the 2004 campaign, Bush got his best crowd response by declaring that "'the Democratic Party believes that Hollywood people represent real American values.' People went crazy. That's why Republicans have a lock on the presidency."

Wooldridge, co-author of the 2004 book "The Right Nation," said that Democrats had three options for recovery. The "stupidest," he said, was to "follow Frank Rich" - to "be the party of liberal values and denigrate the opposition. The party will basically be reduced, on that liberal fundamentalist strategy, to Manhattan and Manhattan Beach."

The other two options? Well, read the article and find out (hat tip to Viking Pundit)...

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