Sunday, April 24, 2005

Oil-For-Food Update: The Volcker Committee's Credibility Has Evaporated

If there were ever any doubt that the Volcker Committee has been hired to deliver a whitewash, let that doubt be removed. Richard Gladstone, a member of the panel, told CNN that the two investigators who resigned earlier this week, Robert Parton and Miranda Duncan, had done so because their work was finished, not because, as reported first by blogger Roger L. Simon, they felt that the investigation was avoiding the paths the evidence was leading to. The same yarn had been spun earlier in the week by a committee spokesman.

Well, Parton is having none of it, and as Simon reports, he is going public in a big way. Parton accuses the committee of being determined to protect Kofi and engaging in 'a de-factor coverup'.

At this point, two questions present themselves:
  1. How can we believe anything the committee says? If this were a trial, their evidence would now stand hopelessly impeached; and
  2. How can the UN possibly be taken seriously on any subject of import as long as Kofi Annan is at the head of the organization?
This is a grave matter, indeed; will the chant now become, 'Kofi Lied, People Died'?

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