Saturday, April 30, 2005

Kerry Campaign: Initial Phases Going Smoothly

In a hastily organized news conference, a spokesman for the Perpetual John Kerry for President Campaign said the initial phases of "Operation Sign Form SF-180" were going better than expected. Specifically, in the 90 days since Kerry promised on national television to sign the form releasing his military records, the following milestones have been achieved:
  • a pen has been procured from a Wal-Mart on the outskirts of Little Rock "for substantially less than the $12,000 budgeted";
  • a special committee has been formed to discuss the best way to remove the cap from the pen;
  • a copy of the notoriously difficult to obtain form has been located on eBay and bidding is underway; and
  • a "Dinner With John" fundraising extravaganza is in the works to obtain the necessary postage to mail the signed form, should such a step be required.
The spokesman hastened to add that Kerry would not be bound by a timeline, stating "Senator Kerry believes strongly that announcing a proposed signing date would only encourage further attacks by insurgent bloggers".

UPDATE 6:54 a.m. - It's always a treat to get a link from PoliPundit; welcome, one and all, I'll be in the back if you need anything; come back soon and often...

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