Sunday, April 24, 2005

Frank Rich of the Times: Can You Guess the Subject?

A gold star for you if you said [sigh] an attack on religion. I can't even make a joke of this anymore; like clockwork, Frank Rich will find some way to attack Christianity in column after column. I can't even bring myself to discuss this column on its merits, as it has none. When Republicans engage in any public function involving religion, to Rich, this signifies insincerity and exploitation.

Hey, Frank, a question for you, Genuis Secular Boy: when the Democrats speak to a labor crowd, are they exploiting the working man? How about the teachers' union? Insincere about education, are they? If Hillary kisses the tushes of every big-time Hollywood fundraiser, is she exploiting the movie industry? If not, please explain the difference to poor little ol' stupid me, or get off the subject already, please. It's hard to imagine even the most hard-core New York secular Red-State hating liberal not getting tired of this song-and-dance...

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