Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What If Al Franken Threw a Party, and Nobody Came?

It's not a hypothetical, actually...listeners are avoiding Air America in droves. I mentioned before that it recently came to Austin, by a good measure the most liberal city in Texas, and, despite the fact that I know one other conservative in my building, and at least 40 liberals, I have yet to hear a single solitary comment regarding it. In fact, the only way I even know it came to Austin was this love letter in the local progressive rag, the Austin Chronicle. A damning statistic from the piece: to welcome Austin into the fold, Franken brought the show on the road to our proudly liberal city of 700,000, and the historic State Theatre, seating capacity 320, was 2/3 full for the free broadcast. 200 people, Al Franken in person, free, population of 700,000 - if anyone asks you how Air America is doing, there's your answer (hat tip to Michelle Malkin)...

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