Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Drum on Liberalism

I spend a lot of time crawling through the sewer that is the Daily Kos, and let me just say Kevin Drum is always a nice change of pace. Drum is an unabashed liberal, but one who argues his side forcefully, cogently, and without excessive venom. Tonight, Kevin has an interesting post up on the relatively mushy ideas underpinning today's liberalism and invites comments...alas, most of the comments are full of the same sort of vapid vagueness that Drum was complaining about in the first place.

Kevin's first suggestion, the same tax rate for everyone and all types of income, isn't too bad, but then he comes back with a 'fair shake for the unions' thing that just leaves me cold. Still, he's smart enough to see the problem, and that's the first step to the solution. Good thing for us conservatives there are so many more Kossacks than Kevin Drums out there (that's not true, actually; it's mildly amusing to see the Kossacks work themselves into a frenzy, but it's not constructive, and America sorely needs a Democratic Party that comes back to its senses - it's good for all of us to have healthy, intelligent debates on substantive issues).

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