Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kos On Salazar: Now It Begins to Make Sense

What would possess the formerly 'moderate' Ken Salazar to engage in such Kossack-sounding rhetoric as calling James Dobson's Focus on the Family 'the Antichrist of the world'? Really, it's not hard to understand at all, and is an instance of a well-known phenomenon that afflicts both right and left. The Daily Kos makes it explicit with this post:
The calls are 3-2 in favor of the wingers, but those efforts are hilariously scripted. It'd be far too much to expect them to find their own words on the issue.

But here's the thing -- our elected officials need to know we have their backs when they take a courageous stance. The other side has been working the refs for so long, that our side has become timid and fearful.

But that was then, and this is now. We have our own growing noise machine, and we need to wield it to protect those who would maliciously attack our party. Dobson wants to call Salazar -- a devout Catholic who attended seminary school -- un-Christian? Let him. But when Salazar strikes back, and strikes back hard, we'll be there to back him up.
If you've looked at the post by WILLisms that contains the ad in question, you will see that Dobson did not call Salazar 'unchristian' - that was Salazar's own statement when he tried to dig himself out of this hole. Regardless, what is happening here is that the noisier elements are always the most radical, and the Kos and his ilk have apparently scared Salazar enough that he's falling in line (read his whole post and see how he skewers Salazar for previously daring to reach across the aisle).

Since Kos explicitly calls on his folks to wield the noise machine, we need to make a little noise of our own and let Salazar know he was right the first time when he promised to support an up-down vote on Bush's nominees. I'm not big enough in terms of audience to compete with the Kos, but every little bit helps. The number for Salazar's Washington office is (202) 244-2852, and you can send comments through his website here. We've got to start taking back this debate; we've let the Democrats out-hustle us on getting the message out since the election.

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