Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thoughts on the Press Conference

This was a typical George W. Bush performance, for the most part. News conferences are not his forte, that's a fact; but at times he was excellent, at other times painfully awkward. The debates all over again, in other words. The best answer was the one on religion and politics - no theocracy here, sorry, MoDo, Frank Rich (not that you were paying attention!).

The good news is nobody watches these things but geeks like me, so it will be a net plus. This is because of the bully pulpit effect of the presidency. By merely raising the issues in a national forum, the President again takes the initiative. The press, as usual, was downright hostile at times, particularly the loathsome Terry Moran (hey, pretty boy, I still remember you from Court TV, big shot!). My gut take is this: it won't be enough. I don't think Social Security reform has much life left, unfortunately, and the nation is the worse for it. God knows I hope I'm wrong...

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