Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A 2008 Update (Of Sorts)

Commenter Dan is none too pleased with the direction of this blog, saying he hasn't seen any 2008 news on here in a while (and thanks for the defense, a4g - and you folks should stop by his place, Point Five, for some excellent satire). I'm always open to suggestions, but I won't be renaming the blog, Dan, I like the one I have.

As for 2008, by the time the elections have rolled around, this site will be more focused, better organized, hosted, and on either Movable Type, Word Press, or a similar platform. That means categories, candidate profiles filed under respective parties, links to the latest polls...we're gonna have us some fun.

I'm not there yet, but there is no shortage of time. I covered some of these issues in an earlier post, and frankly, I'm bored of navel-gazing and I'm sure my regulars are as well. The blog is what it is; like all blogs, it will evolve over time. I plan to continue to cover current events, related to the election or not, throw in the odd satirical piece here and there, link to other excellent stories in roundups, and yes, cover the candidates and issues of 2008. Alright, enough of that already...

I will take this chance, while we're on the subject, to update my odds on Arnold. The ticking clock has made his candidacy a near impossibility, given the Constitutional Amendment requirement. I'm knocking him down substantially.


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