Monday, May 16, 2005

Why The Light Blogging Tonight?

You know, Karl Rove and I (umm...scratch that. Nothing to see here folks, move along). Make that just 'I'. I have always had big plans for this guys have helped me realize one goal, which was to get an audience, and a great group of regulars...the next phase was always to customize a little. You know, Movable Type or WordPress, probably hosted somewhere. I've been working on it some the last few days.

Problem is, I know nothing about Perl or PHP, so both environments are a little unfamiliar to me (for that matter, I'm not a whiz at Apache, either) and I want to try out some designs and different looks before I make the transition. Why am I boring you with these details? Because I want you to know I don't plan on going anywhere, and I want to keep things fresh and exciting, and that includes more organization and cleaner visuals and design. Just so you know, it may take a while (who knows, I might not make the move for months), but it's coming. Thanks again for participating in this wacky little experiment called Decision '08. (Karl, how was that? Do you think anyone suspects?)...

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